The Hardest Moment on The Stage!

Have you ever wondered  what the hardest movement of ballet is? If yes, let me introduce you the most difficult ballet movement, which the same time is the most impressive moment on the stage. It’s called ‘Fouettes Pirouette’.

Fouettes Pirouette is also known as 32 Fouettes Turns on Pointe. It was first introduced in the Cinderella choreographed by three legendary choreographers; Lev Ivanov, Marius Petipa, and Enrico Checchetti. Pierina Legnina was the first ballet dancer who performed this hardest movement.

Although Fouettes Pirouette was first seen in the Cinderella, it’s surprisingly not the first ballet story that comes up to audiences’ minds, when they’re expecting to see this captivated movement. ‘Swan Lake’ in the coda of Odile, or Black Swan, instead becomes the most famous ballet story of Fouettes Pirouette.

Fouettes Pirouette was performed by many well-known ballerinas around the world. One of the most remarkable dancer who did the Fouettes Pirouette is Gillian Murphy, the principal dancer of American Ballet Theatre. She actually did over 32 Fouettes Pirouette in the coda of ‘Swan Lake’.

Look how amazing she was on the stage with the hardest movement of ballet on the video I posted below. As I told you, even Fouettes Pirouette is the toughest movement on the stage, it’s the most impassioned moment to hugely welcome grand applauds from the audiences.

Video from Youtube


One response to “The Hardest Moment on The Stage!

  1. OMG! while I was watching, I was thinking was she gonna break her toes? But I gotta say she looks elegant and beautiful

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