Step Out of The Box

Ballet has turned in a variety of ways to present its richness through movies, photographs, fashion, and more to say. Print is one of those things that seems to be growing so fast these days for marketing ballet.

A lot of ballet companies has already changed their traditional pink tutu-ed ballerina posters to a new challenging alternative. We have recently seen ballet in japanese-styled cartoon posters, or just some graphics without any ballet features posted in front of the world famous ballet companies. However, the results are not that bad, people actually are captured by those captivated ads.

Old and new styles of ballet ad

The Ballet Bag, one of my favorite ballet website blogged, “We think the ballet industry should be thinking outside the box; perhaps looking at the web output of amateur and professional illustrators and/or graphic artists not immediately linked to the field of dance for new concepts and inspiration.”

I totally agree with The Ballet Bag. Sometimes it’s just frustrating to repeatedly watch the same ballet story, or see the old style of ballet posters. I’m always excited every times ballet companies come up with their new ideas to present the performances. And yes, I’m awake to see their new ways of advertising, too!

Because we love to see something new all the time, don’t we?

Image sources from & The Ballet Blog. You can also check out The Ballet Bag to read and discover more unexpected images.

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