How professional dancers eat to stay strong and slim?

Being slim but strong seems to be a great requirement for those who want to be a professional ballet dancer. However, ballet dancers are not necessary to starve themselves throughout the day in order to get a perfect shape, they just need a perfect balanced eating!

Good nutrition is one of the most important things that dancers should be aware of. They need Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats, Vitamins, and Minerals as same as general people do. Although, ballet dancers must regularly eat, they stop eating when they’re no longer hungry.

Moreover, they choose food that digests more slowly to have a staying power, to give them energy over a long period. These kind of food; for example, are whole wheat bread, brown rice, and yellow vegetables. They also avoid eating red beef because it has the protein to make new issue. It’s also not good due to its high animal fat.

Alright, let’s get start professional ballet dancer’s eating habit so you could get a slim shape. The rest is to practice your dance skill so you would have a strong body.

Story sources from The Ballet Site and Voice of Dance 

Photograph from  Washingtonian

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