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Ballet-inspired Fashion (continued)

Talking about Ballet and fashion, it takes a long time to finish the story. Ballet-inspired fashion is a harmony of an adorable piece of art works. After I talked about hairstyle, tops and the fluffy skirt inspired by Ballet, this time let’s move on to Ballet-inspired fashion from hip to toe!

Skinny jeans and leggings are very favored to teenagers in these days. We can obviously see those kinds of fashion on the street in every seasons. However, the design of skinny jeans and leggings are exactly as same as what ballerinas wear in their Ballet class. It’s a Ballet tight, it is it. I don’t wonder how skinny jeans and legging became very popular, because it totally helps lengthen our legs. It just makes us look slimmer like the dancer on the stage.

J.Crew ballerina flats

The biggest thing in Ballet that influences fashion is flat shoes, or ballerina flats. There’s no doubt where the design is coming from. Flats shoes are widely sold around the world ranging from brand name designer boutiques to low-budget shoes shops. Flats are really fashionable and it can easily match to any of styles of fashion. That’s the reason women love them. Even though flats shoes in the fashion world are made from varieties of material and colors, we many times see them completely like ballet shoes with pink and soft leather. For me, J.Crew is a representative of ballerina flats brand.

Now you can see how much Ballet inspires fashion. Actually, I would say, both of them inspire each other. Fashion collaborates with choreography and dancer’s skill to present numbers of fantastic shows on the stage as well. Or we could say, they’re good friends.

Next time I will talk about another significant thing which is motivated by Ballet. Don’t miss the next blog of Ballet Blossom.

Photograph from Sodabottle


Thai Pride : Nutnaree Pipit-Suksun

It’s a biggest dream of ballerinas around the world to become a principal dancer, or a soloist, in a world famous ballet company. It’s harder if you’re not born in a country where the company is originated.

Nutnaree Pipit-Suksun, or Ommi which means the rain in the winter, was born in Bangkok, Thailand. She trained at the most famous ballet school in the country named Varaporn and Kanchana Ballet School, before attending to London’s Royal Ballet School when she was 15 years old. Her dancing started to shine after winning the Adeline Genee Awards Gold Medal in 2001. Ommi became the youngest person in the competition’s history to receive the top honor.

Ommi is now a soloist at San Francisco Ballet. She was discovered by Helgi Tomasson, the artistic director of the company during her performance in Europe. In 2004, she signed a soloist contract with San Francisco Ballet. At that time, she was just 18 years old.

Ommi in Bintley

Ommi performed on lead roles in a variety of works, such as the Snow Queen, Sugar Plum Fairy, including Myrtha in Giselle and the pas de deux from Bintley’s The Dance House. She has been credited for her long fluid lines, musicality, and attractive stage presence.

Although Ommi left her country to live in the United States, she has never forgot Thai tradition. Everytime she was interviewed by mass media people, she always greeted people with a Wai, the Thai greeting of palms together at the chest. Ommi also loves to go back for vacation in Thailand to spend time with her family, and to discover more places in her mother country.

None of Thai ballerinas doesn’t know Ommi. She’s an idol, and absolutely is a real Thai pride.

Photograph 1 by © David Allen | San Francisco Ballet from Ballet.co.uk 

Photograph 2 by © Erik Tomasson | San Francisco Ballet from Ballet.co.uk