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Japanese: Are They The Best Asian in Ballet?

We know ballet wasn’t born in Asia but it has been flourished in Asian countries long enough to become acceptable. Almost every Asian countries have their ballet companies; however, which country brings the best to the world?

The answer seems to be Japan due to the highest number of ballet companies and ballet schools in the country. Moreover, japanese dancers, both native and half a nationality, became successful not just only in Japan. They’re also promoted as principal dancers in the world greatest ballet companies.

There are a lot of other japanese dancers who brought their nationality to proudly stand among European and American dancers. We might not be able to judge whether japanese dancers are the best Asian in Ballet or not. However, from what we’ve seen and heard, they 99% deserve to accept the winning.

Story sources from Wikipedia and Balletcompanies

Photograph from Irenebrination


Ballet has its nationalities!

Even though we use the word “Ballet” to describe this beautiful kind of dance, Ballet itself has different nationalities, or let’s say, it has multifarious styles.

There are 4 styles of ballet which some are nearly similar, and  some that are totally different from each other. Russian, French, Italian and British are the nationalities that we’re talking about.

  • Russian Ballet is originated in Russia. It emphasizes a soft expression of upper bodywork, with extra attention focused on the line of dancers. However, it’s very strong and clean without robotic stiffness.

Carlotta Grisi and Jules Perrot, the most famous Italian ballet dancers

  • French Ballet is characterized by an emphasis on accuracy and elegance. It is an extremely strong style, with great speed and quantity of steps. The music played slower than movement is the concept of French Ballet.

  • Italian Ballet is considered to concern for anatomy and development of dancers through strict training. The idea of Italian style is to learn by studying principle dancers’ basic rather than being stimulated by teachers.

  • British Ballet is focused on clean, precise technique and purity of line. British Ballet is indicated for its slow progression. Dancers pay a great attention to correct basic techniques in the early years of training, to adapt to advanced techniques later on.

Although ballet is originated from a variety of regions, there has never been a fight. Because for us who have ballet in our lives, wherever we come from, whatever styles we heart, we live in the same spiritual sublime world.

Story source from Wikipedia

Photograph from Art.com

How professional dancers eat to stay strong and slim?

Being slim but strong seems to be a great requirement for those who want to be a professional ballet dancer. However, ballet dancers are not necessary to starve themselves throughout the day in order to get a perfect shape, they just need a perfect balanced eating!

Good nutrition is one of the most important things that dancers should be aware of. They need Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats, Vitamins, and Minerals as same as general people do. Although, ballet dancers must regularly eat, they stop eating when they’re no longer hungry.

Moreover, they choose food that digests more slowly to have a staying power, to give them energy over a long period. These kind of food; for example, are whole wheat bread, brown rice, and yellow vegetables. They also avoid eating red beef because it has the protein to make new issue. It’s also not good due to its high animal fat.

Alright, let’s get start professional ballet dancer’s eating habit so you could get a slim shape. The rest is to practice your dance skill so you would have a strong body.

Story sources from The Ballet Site and Voice of Dance 

Photograph from  Washingtonian

It’s Love: Gillian Murphy and Ethan Stiefel

It’s not a fairy tale, but it’s a true love story. A guy, who was a star of American Ballet Theatre and a girl who was a newbie of the company’s corps de Ballet at that time. Today they both are principal dancers who have been spending their time together on and off stage for nearly 14 years!

Gillian Murphy and Ethan Stiefel met each other at American Ballet Theatre. They had been friends for a year, before the relationship was begun. Stiefel significantly inspired Murphy’s dance life, from corps de ballet to soloist, and from soloist to one of the most well-know principal dancers of the company. He is pleased to be a part of her successful career. Murphy, herself, she deserves to have him standing beside. The couple danced together in many performances of the company such as Swan Lake and La Fille Ma Gardee.

Outside the company, they are another romantic couple. Early in their relationship, Murphy spent 3 weeks on the back of her boyfriend’s Harley Davidson traveling across the country. That was another great impression for Stiefel.

The couple lives together in New York, but usually escapes from the big apple to their country house in Pennsylvania if they have no schedules. They would love to have children and we hope to see their wedding soon.

Photograph from Fotolog

Story Source from Dancemagazine

When a professional ballet dancer becomes a blogger!

Have you ever wondered if ballet dancers were not on stage, what would they do? After I’ve been looking through many ballet blogs, another thing that I found is there is a pretty big space on blogs appearing the names of professional ballet dancers. Yes, some of them becomes a blogger in their spare time!

One of them is Ashley Bouder,  a principal dancer at New York City Ballet. She’s a blogger for Huffington Post, yet but recently she just well done blogged on my favorite dance site, Dance Pulp.

“Finding inspiration is always the quest of every good artist. Or, really anyone who hopes to keep motivated throughout life.”

Ashley Bouder

“I do love to watch my peers from the wings. Seeing the sweat, the faces they make that the audience never sees, hearing them breath and shout off stage, and all the other aspects like that makes me feel better about how I feel when I’m out there.”

“I never feel more alive than onstage. That’s not to say it is every show, but there are those nights when I just want to relive every moment a thousand times.”

“The depth of the pools of inspiration are endless. It just takes the courage and thought to dive in.”

These are some parts of her blog which inspired me a lot. I love that she named her blog “My Pools of Inspiration” because it’s exactly right after I finished reading it. She told us where she gets her inspiration and how to keep herself inspired. She spread it out through beautiful words, and I’ve been touched to her feeling.  Her blog is not just for her but everyone. Ashley, you’re not just a professional ballet dancer but also a qualified blogger.

Visit the original site and read Ashley’s blog, then you could say I didn’t say anything wrong!

Quotes from Dancepulp

Photograph from New York City Ballet

I never stop.

As a White Swan in Swan Lake

Ever since my childhood in the waterfall-rich mountain city of northern Thailand, called Chiang Mai, my interest in Ballet began.  I remembered that I didn’t like it when I first started, but 17 years went by,  I had never stopped dancing.

I was not just a Ballet dancer, but a Ballet teacher. I learned from many professional dancers around the world. Therefore, I knew what students expected to get from their teacher, and I gave what they want.

I continued on to mature in Thailand’s capital city, called Bangkok, where I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree (1st Honor) in Western Dance from Chulalongkorn University. It was my biggest pride which has never disappeared.

Now I’m a retired Ballet Dancer because of my right knee problem. I felt on the floor when I was doing pirouette. It happened since I was 17 years old; however, it never ruined my happiness with Ballet. Unfortunately,  my body didn’t go along with my heart. I had to be patient with the chronic pain for almost 6 years. After I got the Bachelor’s degree. I decided to quit.

But you know what, “I stop dancing, but I never stopped watching Ballet.” Continue reading