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I never stop.

As a White Swan in Swan Lake

Ever since my childhood in the waterfall-rich mountain city of northern Thailand, called Chiang Mai, my interest in Ballet began.  I remembered that I didn’t like it when I first started, but 17 years went by,  I had never stopped dancing.

I was not just a Ballet dancer, but a Ballet teacher. I learned from many professional dancers around the world. Therefore, I knew what students expected to get from their teacher, and I gave what they want.

I continued on to mature in Thailand’s capital city, called Bangkok, where I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree (1st Honor) in Western Dance from Chulalongkorn University. It was my biggest pride which has never disappeared.

Now I’m a retired Ballet Dancer because of my right knee problem. I felt on the floor when I was doing pirouette. It happened since I was 17 years old; however, it never ruined my happiness with Ballet. Unfortunately,  my body didn’t go along with my heart. I had to be patient with the chronic pain for almost 6 years. After I got the Bachelor’s degree. I decided to quit.

But you know what, “I stop dancing, but I never stopped watching Ballet.” Continue reading