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Ballet-inspired Fashion

As we know that Ballet is a symbol of sweetness, femininity, and imagination, that might be a reason why we keep seeing Ballet-inspired fashion all year round from brand name designers to the local ones.

Ballet inspires fashion from head to toe. Starting from the Ballet hairstyle, or Ballet bun, that keeps hair from flying in a dancer’s face. This hairstyle creates a clean and elegant line for the dancer; therefore, high-end designers adapted this hairstyle in their collections by adding glitter headband, jewelry, or flowers on model’s head bun whose dress are mostly elegant as a bride outfit.

Chloe Summer Runway 2011

Tops of ballet suit, or leotard, are fitted to the upper body. It helps the dancer easily move and stably control their body when turning and being lifted in the air. Many fashion designers love the idea and creates tops using leopard pattern. Stretch top is popular to wear inside and cover with suit, cardigan or vest. It can also be worn alone on top with some nice jewelry. Stretch tops are fashionable to wear with legging jean, shorts, or  fluffy skirt. Actually, those styles don’t go far way from what ballerina exactly wears,  do they?

Talked about fluffy skirt, it’s the most outstanding fashion adapted from Ballet. We often see this gorgeous skirt in both short and long version on runways. It really shows femininity; in the same time, it hides sexiness, and naughtiness of women. Recently, Japan is a leader of fluffy skirt trend. If you’re going to Harajuku, a fashion center of the country, I bet that you would see five people from ten wearing the fluffy skirt. This trend is spreading fast to Asia, and especially to Europe, after Chloe launched their Spring/Summer 2011 Collection in Paris Fashion Week at the end of 2010.

It’s very exciting to see Ballet skirt blossom on the streets in the United States very soon.

Photograph from Fanclothing